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jackson bio photo 2013Author spotlight: D. Jackson Leigh

D.Jackson Leigh grew up barefoot and happy, swimming in farm ponds and riding friends’ rude ponies in rural South Georgia.

Her passion for writing led her quite accidentally to a career in journalism and to North Carolina where, at the ripe old age of thirty-five, she bought her first horse because it was a little Hold Me Forever coverpathetic to still be asking Santa for a pony.

Known for her trademark equestrian settings, she is the winner of a 2010 Alice B. Lavender Award for Noteworthy Accomplishment and a 2013 Golden Crown Literary Society Award for paranormal romance. She was a finalist in the LGBT erotic romance category (the only lesbian book in the category) of the 2013 Rainbow Awards.

Jackson is the author of the Cherokee Falls series (Bareback, Long Shot, and Every Second Counts) and the Southern Secrets–themed romances Call Me Softly, Touch Me Gently, and Hold Me Forever.

Call Me Softly also has been translated by Spanish publisher Egales, which has spawned fan emails she has to run through a translator.

She is currently contracted with Bold Strokes Books for The Calling, the first in the Dragon Horse War fantasy series, to be released in late 2014; and Riding Passion, an erotic romance anthology of her short stories, to be released in 2015.   

Her short stories:

Visit with Jackson at  or  on Facebook  or Twitter.


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