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Programming Note: No Friday evening events at the 2014 Festival

The Sixth Annual Lone Star LesFic Festival will take place on Saturday, April 5 only, with no Friday night events. Due to a miscommunication, you may have seen an advertisement for an evening with Radclyffe. That event took place last year; Radclyffe will not be attending this year’s Festival.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

Saturday’s events are free and open to the public.


Lone Star LesFic Festival FUN!

Karen's CreationsCome join us on Saturday, April 5, for the Sixth Annual Lone Star LesFic Festival! 

With the Festival just over one week away, it’s time to share news about special vendors and free prizes.  In addition to BookWoman and Affinity, we’ve invited two local artists. Karen, of Karen’s Creations, will have a variety of items for sale: gourd bowls, semi-precious stone jewelry, oil lamps, origami boxes, and more.
Danny and Mona Prater are fused glass artists who make vases, dishes, votive candleholders, night lights, etc. They have mastered the difficult technique of creating their designs in rainbow colors.
Rainbow Art GlassThe Lone Star Literacy Society, which sponsors the Festival, will have a book table where fans can choose from a diverse collection of recycled lesbian fiction. We’re asking for a $2.00 donation per book.  This is our only fundraiser, and proceeds will go towards the 2015 Festival.
Lastly, there is a free drawing! Fans will have 3 chances to win a prize: a box of books provided by Radclyffe, publisher of Bold Strokes Books; a $25 gift certificate from Nature’s Treasures; and a stunning turquoise/silver Navajo bracelet (value $150) donated by Jim at the Turquoise Trading Post. Btw, the assistant manager of the Turquoise Trading Post, Lucile, would appreciate some petting from LesFic fans. She can be found curled up on the counter at 6103 Burnet Road (Austin).
See you on April 5th! Please tell your friends that all festival activities are free!

Author Spotlight: C.J. Harte

CJHarteAuthor spotlight: C.J. Harte. 

C.J. Harte was born in the Brooklyn Naval Hospital in New York. The next sixteen years were spent living in a variety of Navy towns. During the many days of packing and unpacking and moving, she always had a book in her hand. By the time she was eleven she was writing short stories and poems. Fortunately, she had parents who thought anything their children did was wonderful. This was all the encouragement she needed to keep writing.

When her father retired from the military, the family settled in north Florida. C.J. graduated from high school in Jacksonville. She then received her bachelor’s in education from Florida State University, her master’s and doctorate from University of Florida. While in college, she wrote for the student newspaper, became involved in student politics and discovered a passion for justice.  After college she became involved in the civil rights movement in the South, passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and women’s issues, and GLBT causes. “At times, I felt like an accidental activist. Once I got involved, however, I didn’t want to stop until I saw the problem fixed. It’s 2014 and we’re still struggling.”

Time_Test_6The first time C.J. saw her words in a written publication she was in awe. “I was asked to write a story for the school newspaper. It was my first assignment and I was in a panic. I turned it in, sure that I would be told to rewrite. When it ended up being the lead story on the front page, I was hooked.” Writing became almost as much of a passion as being an activist. She has poetry and short stories published in Glass Faces, High Plains Register, Cheyenne Poetry and WomaNews.

“Rita Mae Brown once told a friend of mine that the secret to being a good writer is to read, read, read and write, write, write. I have at least two books I’m reading at the same time while I have at least one novel-length story and a couple of short stories I am working on.”

C.J. currently teaches doctoral students for University of Florida and enjoys spending time with friends, her two dogs, traveling and enjoying each day. She continues to be an activist while living in Wyoming. “When I first came out, there were very few positive images of GLBT people in movies or literature. Today, we have many more strong and powerful role models. We still need to be more inclusive. I hope my activism and my writing will help us get there.”

C.J. Harte is the author of Dreams of Bali, Magic of the Heart, First Love and, coming in October 2014, Making Time. She also is the author of “Crossing over, Jordan” and “Georgia on the Mind” in two anthologies. Her books are available at Bold Strokes Books.  “Each day is an adventure. I will either learn from it or use the adventure as fodder for a great story. OR both!”




Author Spotlight: Ali Vali

BSB-BattleOfForcesSeraToujoursAli Vali is back! Join us two weeks from tomorrow (Saturday, April 5) for the Sixth Annual Lone Star LesFic Festival!

Ali Vali is the author of The Devil series, which includes The Devil InsideThe Devil UnleashedDeal With the DevilThe Devil Be Damned, and The Devil’s Orchard. Her Forces series include Balance of Forces: Toujours Ici, and Battle of Forces: Sera Toujours. Her standalone novels are Carly’s SoundSecond SeasonBlue Skies, The Dragon Tree Legacy, the Lambda Literary Award Finalists Calling the Dead, and Love Match, and The Romance Vote, which will be released in 2104.

Ali is originally from Cuba, and now lives outside New Orleans with her partner of twenty-eight years. When she isn’t writing she works in the nonprofit sector. Ali is also one of the 2011Alice B. Readers Appreciation Award winners.

Author Spotlight: Stacy Reynolds

SoundofSilenceStacy Reynolds is back for the 2014 Lone Star LesFic Festival!

Stacy Reynolds has been a journalist, a disc jockey, and a stand-up comedian. She graduated from the university formerly known as Southwest Texas State with a degree in English and journalism.

The Sound of Silence is her second novel. It is the story of a dystopian society where the government is out to rid the world of its poor, sick and unacceptable.

Her first novel is a fantasy called The Daathar Chronicles. This novel is a collection of stories about the adventures of Daathar, a solider, her one and only true love, Lady Wanda; and an assortment of friends who come together to fight a common enemy.

Both books are available at

Stacy lives in Austin, Texas.

Author Spotlight: Barbara Ann Wright

BarbaraAnnWright, mdThe Lone Star LesFic Festival welcomes returning author Barbara Ann Wright!

Barbara Ann Wright writes fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories when not adding to her enormous book collection or ranting on her blog. Her short fiction has appeared twice in Crossed Genres Magazine and once made Tangent Online’s recommended reading list. Her first novel, The Pyramid Waltz, was one of’s Reviewer’s Choice books of 2012 and was a 2012 Foreword Review Book of the Year Award Finalist as well as a Golden Crown Award finalist. It won the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Fantasy. She is a member of Broad Universe and the Outer Alliance and helped create Writer’s Ink in Houston. She is also a member of the Round Rock Writers Guild and the Austin Speed-Writing Challenge, both writing meet-ups in Austin.

Th Pyramid Waltz 300 DPI 1Visit her at her website, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

Author Spotlight: Taylor James

Taylor JamesJoin us in welcoming Taylor James to her first Lone Star LesFic Festival!

Words and books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It would be a nice summer day, and I’d be inside reading a book even as a kid. I can remember obsessively reading the back of the cereal box every morning at breakfast when I was in grade school. I’m sure Mother thought she was raising the weirdest kid ever. And let’s not forget how satisfying it was to hear my pen scribbling across the page. I worked on my penmanship, wanting it to be beautiful. I remember copying parts of my favorite books—wishing I had been the one to come up with those words.

In my early years I wanted nothing more than to hold a book in my hands and have the name of the author be mine. Life, though, tends to ignore whatever plans you make as a youngster. I kept writing anyway. Extra money went for paper and pens. I love the way a well-crafted pen has that perfect balance and weight. My friends would put their name on the list to be the one to read my stuff next. They said it was good. And my friends wouldn’t lie to me. Would they??? Nevertheless, I kept on writing.

I can’t help myself. This thing is an addiction. This writing thing. My only hope is that my addiction will produce something that will entertain you.

Thank you all for your support. It allows me to further indulge in my passion.

Visit Taylor James at her websiteFacebook, and Authorgraph.