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CJHarteAuthor spotlight: C.J. Harte. 

C.J. Harte was born in the Brooklyn Naval Hospital in New York. The next sixteen years were spent living in a variety of Navy towns. During the many days of packing and unpacking and moving, she always had a book in her hand. By the time she was eleven she was writing short stories and poems. Fortunately, she had parents who thought anything their children did was wonderful. This was all the encouragement she needed to keep writing.

When her father retired from the military, the family settled in north Florida. C.J. graduated from high school in Jacksonville. She then received her bachelor’s in education from Florida State University, her master’s and doctorate from University of Florida. While in college, she wrote for the student newspaper, became involved in student politics and discovered a passion for justice.  After college she became involved in the civil rights movement in the South, passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and women’s issues, and GLBT causes. “At times, I felt like an accidental activist. Once I got involved, however, I didn’t want to stop until I saw the problem fixed. It’s 2014 and we’re still struggling.”

Time_Test_6The first time C.J. saw her words in a written publication she was in awe. “I was asked to write a story for the school newspaper. It was my first assignment and I was in a panic. I turned it in, sure that I would be told to rewrite. When it ended up being the lead story on the front page, I was hooked.” Writing became almost as much of a passion as being an activist. She has poetry and short stories published in Glass Faces, High Plains Register, Cheyenne Poetry and WomaNews.

“Rita Mae Brown once told a friend of mine that the secret to being a good writer is to read, read, read and write, write, write. I have at least two books I’m reading at the same time while I have at least one novel-length story and a couple of short stories I am working on.”

C.J. currently teaches doctoral students for University of Florida and enjoys spending time with friends, her two dogs, traveling and enjoying each day. She continues to be an activist while living in Wyoming. “When I first came out, there were very few positive images of GLBT people in movies or literature. Today, we have many more strong and powerful role models. We still need to be more inclusive. I hope my activism and my writing will help us get there.”

C.J. Harte is the author of Dreams of Bali, Magic of the Heart, First Love and, coming in October 2014, Making Time. She also is the author of “Crossing over, Jordan” and “Georgia on the Mind” in two anthologies. Her books are available at Bold Strokes Books.  “Each day is an adventure. I will either learn from it or use the adventure as fodder for a great story. OR both!”





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