Join us on Saturday, April 7, 2018, in Austin, Texas, for our 10th annual celebration of lesbian fiction!

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Saturday’s Program!

We are all super-excited about Saturday’s Lone Star LesFic Festival! We’ve got 23 amazing authors, seven panels, and six reading sessions! Come spend the day with your favorite authors. The action gets going at 10:30 a.m. in the Crystal Auditorium, where the registration table will be located all day (aka the place where you pick up your goodie bags!). The drawing for prizes will take place in the Crystal Auditorium just prior to the final panel of the day. See you Saturday!


Author Spotlight: Stacia Seaman

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd now, our final author spotlight: another native Texan, Stacia Seaman.


Stacia Seaman received her MA from the University of Texas at Austin before moving to Washington DC. It was while she worked for a well-known think tank that she discovered her background in languages and linguistics would serve her well as an editor, and she’s been wielding a red pencil ever since. She’s taken on a range of projects, from academic monographs to cookbooks, from genre fiction to ESL textbooks.

BSB_Amor_&_MoreStacia has edited numerous award-winning titles, and with co-editor Radclyffe has won a Lambda Literary Award for Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments; an Independent Publishers Awards silver medal and a Golden Crown Literary Award for Erotic Interludes 4: Extreme Passions; an Independent Publishers Awards gold medal and a Golden Crown Literary award for Erotic Interludes 5: Road Games; the 2010 Rainbow Award of Excellence in the Short/Novella category for Romantic Interludes 2: Secrets, and a Golden Crown Literary Award for Women of the Dark Streets. Their most recent anthology is Amor and More: Love Everafter. She has short stories in several anthologies and also has essays in Visible: A Femmethology (Homofactus Press, 2009) and Second Person Queer (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2009).

Author Spotlight: Therese Szymanski

nineWe’re very happy to welcome Therese (Reese) Szymanski to this year’s Festival!

Therese (Reese) Szymanski, a Detroit veteran who was referred to as “a local dyke hero,” started writing before she could read. Her current writing, occasionally mistaken for shorthand chicken scratches, still more than slightly resembles those early scribbles.

Szymanski, an award-winning playwright and author of nine novels (eight in the groundbreaking Motor City Thrillers series featuring Brett Higgins), four novellas, six plays (four produced to great acclaim) and dozens of published short stories, articles, columns, reviews and feature stories, is also an editor whose every fiction-editing turn has won or been shortlisted for an award while her own writing has been shortlisted for a bunch of Lammys, Goldies and a Spectrum, and her body of work also got her an Alice B. Readers Appreciation Award in 2008. You can find out more about Reese and her work at (or her VERY occasional Facebook posts). When she’s not writing, editing, designing, playing with her sword collection or committing other acts of mayhem, she enjoys traveling and visiting red pandas around the world.