Join us on Saturday, April 7, 2018, in Austin, Texas, for our 10th annual celebration of lesbian fiction!

We love women, we love books and we love fun. If you do too, then come join us on Friday, August 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse, 2001 W. Anderson Lane (just east of Burnet Road) for the Lone Star Literary Society’s Sapphic Reading Group. Contact us here for more information.

This month we’re reading:

The Midas Conspiracy by Jennifer McCormick

In the distant future, humans have succeeded in colonizing worlds far beyond the Milky Way. But, after being driven nearly to extinction in a galactic war, humanity is unsure which among the alien races can be trusted. Leara Sorani is a Valori, a race of humanoid aliens charged with keeping the peace in the universe. Her suspicions of the human corporation, Midas Pharmaceuticals, have driven her to infiltrate the corporation’s headquarters, where she obtains proof of a sinister plot aimed at aliens: Midas Pharmaceuticals is planning to release a deadly plague that will target all aliens. Space mercenary Cybil Reynard is hired to track down Leara and retrieve the sensitive information she stole, by any means necessary. Cybil tracks her target to a remote outpost facility in the harsh and unforgiving wastelands of a frozen planet, where, hunter and prey meet face-to-face. Leara shares her information with Cybil, embroiling Cybil in the conspiracy. Cybil and Leara are forced into an uneasy alliance in order to halt the obliteration of intelligent life. But can Cybil overcome her tragic past and her own reservations toward aliens? The fate of the universe, as well as that of the beautiful and mysterious Leara Sorani, are in her hands.

Under the Midnight Cloak by S.Y. Thompson

Lee Grayson is a nature photographer whose father is a senator in New York. She’s never felt close to him and her faith in people as a whole is lacking. She moves to the town of Harmon deep in the Adirondack Mountains after inheriting her great aunt’s estate, but the local townspeople seem a little…off. Then she meets Ranger Jamison Kessler and learns there’s a killer running rampant around the area. Jamison seems to be hiding things from her and Lee is starting to become suspicious.

Lee discovers that her aunt was a central part of this community and that she possesses the woman’s unique abilities. She and Jamison are falling for each other, but things take a turn for the worse when the murderer sets his sights on Lee and a cure for his condition which he believes her to be harboring. Their situation is further complicated by the fact that the killer isn’t even human. Neither is Jamison.

And for September (meeting is Sept. 12):

Clean Slate by Andrea Bramhall (2014 Lambda Literary Award winner for Lesbian Romance)

After a vicious attack, Morgan Masters wakes up to find that nothing is how she remembers it. John Major isn’t the prime minister anymore, the Millennium has been and gone, and it’s been a very long time since she was in college.When Erin’s worst fears become reality and her world crumbles around her, she has to pick up the pieces and start all over again. Can losing everything actually be the best thing that ever happened to Morgan? Can Erin learn to forgive the sins of the past and let her heart lead her head for a change? Or is happiness beyond their reach?


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