Join us on Saturday, April 7, 2018, in Austin, Texas, for our 10th annual celebration of lesbian fiction!

Authors at the 2013 Festival

Confirmed authors for the 2013 Lone Star Lesfic Festival:


Ali Vali [Bold Strokes Books]

Ann McMan [Bedazzled Ink]

Barbara Ann Wright [Bold Strokes Books]

Barrett [Bedazzled Ink]

Brenda Adcock [Regal Crest]

Carrie Carr [Regal Crest]

Carsen Taite [Bold Strokes Books]

CJ Harte [Bold Strokes Books]

Del Robertson [Affinity]

Erin O’Reilly [Affinity]

Gerri Hill [Bella Books]

Julie Cannon [Bold Strokes Books]

Kelly Sinclair [Blue Feather]

Linda Crist

Mavis Applewater [Blue Feather]

Melissa Brayden [Bold Strokes Books]

Nat Burns [Bella Books]

R.E. Bradshaw

Radclyffe [Bold Strokes Books]

Robin Summers  [Bold Strokes Books]

Shelley Thrasher [Bold Strokes Books]

Sherry Barker [Affinity]

Stacia Seaman [Bold Strokes Books]

Therese Szymanski [Bella Books]

Yvonne Heidt [Bold Strokes Books]


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