Join us on Saturday, April 1, 2017 in Austin, Texas to celebrate lesbian fiction!

Authors at the 2013 Festival

Confirmed authors for the 2013 Lone Star Lesfic Festival:


Ali Vali [Bold Strokes Books]

Ann McMan [Bedazzled Ink]

Barbara Ann Wright [Bold Strokes Books]

Barrett [Bedazzled Ink]

Brenda Adcock [Regal Crest]

Carrie Carr [Regal Crest]

Carsen Taite [Bold Strokes Books]

CJ Harte [Bold Strokes Books]

Del Robertson [Affinity]

Erin O’Reilly [Affinity]

Gerri Hill [Bella Books]

Julie Cannon [Bold Strokes Books]

Kelly Sinclair [Blue Feather]

Linda Crist

Mavis Applewater [Blue Feather]

Melissa Brayden [Bold Strokes Books]

Nat Burns [Bella Books]

R.E. Bradshaw

Radclyffe [Bold Strokes Books]

Robin Summers  [Bold Strokes Books]

Shelley Thrasher [Bold Strokes Books]

Sherry Barker [Affinity]

Stacia Seaman [Bold Strokes Books]

Therese Szymanski [Bella Books]

Yvonne Heidt [Bold Strokes Books]

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