The Spa Resort Casino Loyalty Program Review

The Spa Resort Casino Loyalty Program Review

The Spa Resort Casino in Palm Springs, California is located right in the heart of where you want to be with all of the local area attractions well within walking distance. Then again, you may never actually leave the resort, however, because this is one beautiful vacation destination. With the high vaulted ceilings inside the large, comfortable rooms and suites, you may struggle to even make it down to the casino floor. The pool, the architecture, and everything about the Spa Resort says luxury.

The Spa Resort Casino Rewards Overview

We are guessing that at some point you will eventually find your way onto the casino floor, and when you do you’ll discover yet another pleasant surprise. Not only is the play fantastic at any of the Spa Resort Casino slots, poker, blackjack, or any other tables, but the Paradise Rewards Card easily has one of the best loyalty comps in the state of California. Everything from limousine service to luxury suites will become available for high rollers, yet everyone else is well taken care of too.

The Spa Resort Casino Rewards – The Good

The Spa Resort Casino’s Paradise Rewards Club has four tiers, and it start you off with immediate room upgrades, free meals, and other types of perks that are not common for the average gambler. At the middle levels you’ll be playing in celebrity golf tournaments and attending VIP parties and competitions, all free of charge just for being a loyal customer. The top rewards cover concierge service, limousines, and several other amazing perks that no other chain in California offers. The Paradise Rewards Club membership also allows players to accumulate points that can be traded for cash, gifts, or travel rewards. In essence they comp you twice for one serious gambling trip, because you’ll probably end up with a complimentary room anyway.

The Spa Resort Casino Rewards – The Bad

The bad…wow. This is usually a pretty straightforward section to complete since most loyalty programs have all kinds of hidden catches, but the Spa Resort Casino really does not pull any of that stuff. Everything is up-front and honest plus the service is excellent, so there’s really little to complain about. With that said, however, we will point out that the top tier of the Paradise Club is almost impossible to obtain unless you’re a really high roller that frequents the resort often. Oh, and we don’t like the name either…was Spa Resort Casino the very best their creative minds could come up with?

The Spa Resort Casino Rewards – Overall

Our three day visit to the Spa Resort Casino flew by super fast because we were having such a great time, and that was probably the largest negative that we saw from the entire experience. Every aspect of our stay was nearly perfect and the rewards program is easily the best that the State of California has to offer. Since room prices are surprisingly reasonable, be sure to go check out the Spa Resort Casino for yourself.